So we’ve made it this far, and here we are, once again, at Easter. Easter is a great time for tradition, and many have sprung up over the years. The biggest traditions, however, tend to be food related. When most people think of Easter food, they think of hot cross buns. However, there are plenty of other recipes that people used to make. Here, I intend to provide a couple of them for you to try.

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Fig Sue

This first recipe, Fig Sue, is traditionally consumed on Good Friday. It’s a very easy one to make, requiring only two ingredients.

2 pints mild beer

4oz dried figs

Bring half a pint of the beer to a simmer and pour over the figs. Leave overnight

Add remaining beer and simmer for 5 minutes.


Drink the beer and eat the figs.

Easter Cakes

This second recipe makes a good desert for Easter Sunday. Alternatively, this would be nice for an afternoon tea, and again is relatively quick and easy to make.

8oz flour

4oz butter

4oz sugar

Handful of currants

1 teaspoon mixed spice

Squeeze of lemon juice

1 egg

1 tablespoon brandy

Rub the butter into the flour and add the sugar, currants, spice, and lemon juice.

Beat the egg and brandy together and mix in.

Roll out very thin and cut into 5” rounds.

Bake at 200° for 10 minutes or until golden.

An alternative if you don’t have any brandy is to use 1 tablespoon of spiced rum for a beautiful taste.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. For more ideas on how to cook these recipes in the traditional manner, pay a visit to our Victorian kitchen this Easter weekend