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1950s shop

Our 1950s shop is a replica of a shop that was on Bath Street, Ilkeston. There is an extensive display of all sorts of produce and objects that could be found in shops in the past as well as a memory board where you can share your memories of childhood.

Shops in the 1950s were the hub of society and their owners were an essential part of the local community. Shops were usually family owned and people often stayed there all of their working lives. Shopping was a social occasion with people stopping to say hello and have a chat in town centres.

The world had sometimes felt like a very dull and drab place during the Second World War and so people in the 1950s had a real desire for bright and exciting things. This led to an explosion of colour in the packaging of products, and this is shown to great effect in our very own 1950s shop at Erewash Museum. So come along and get a taste for shopping in times gone by.