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KitchenThe Victorian Kitchen shows what it was like to prepare and cook food in the Victorian times. The kitchen has all the things a Victorian would have needed to keep the family well fed, including a coal fired range that originally came from The Carpenter's Arms in Dale Abbey. There are also copper pots and pans and a 19th century cast iron hand pump that would have been used to draw water from the well.

The Scullery is a reconstruction of one found in a terraced house on Prince Street, Cotmanhay. When examined by the museum staff in 1983 the scullery was found to have hardly changed from 1876 when it was built. It still contained the original fittings such as a stoneware sink and a small range.

As the terrace was due for demolition it was decided to save as much of the scullery as possible. This process involved photographing, measuring and drawing before careful dismantling. Each brick and tile was numbered and recorded to ensure correct re-assembly.

The Scullery also includes all the tools needed to wash Victorian clothes such as a mangle, a dolly and dolly tub and caustic soap. The result, along with the Victorian Kitchen is an exhibit that gives an authentic sense of domestic life in the Victorian era.