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Experience our Victorian Schoolroom and see how children worked and played in times gone by. In this room you can take a seat at one of the Victorian school desks and have a go at writing lines on the blackboard. There are also displays of toys from the 19th Century and memorabilia from local schools to enjoy.

Victorian School Room

The room offers the chance to learn about how different school was for Victorian children. There could be very harsh punishments for bad behaviour such as the dreaded cane or having your mouth washed out with soap for swearing.

The Victorian Schoolroom also focusses on the development and different types of schools in Erewash. This is a rich and varied history; did you know that the oldest school in Erewash was founded at Risley by Sir Michael Willoughby in 1583? The surviving parts are listed buildings and include the School House, the Old School House and the Latin School.

Victorian School RoomChanges in how children have played since the Victorian era are also well covered. Every generation has their own fashionable toys and different games that they played with their friends at school. For example during the Second World War a game grew up locally called 'Duck Stones'. Played by twenty or so children at once, it was a bit like a cross between tag and marbles.

The Victorian Schoolroom incorporates all aspects of being a child and going to school. It is well worth a visit; whether it is to learn about the history of education in the local area, reminisce about your own childhood or to have a go at doing your very own Victorian school lesson.