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All our loans boxes contain a range of handling objects and a teachers' pack with curriculum linked worksheets and ideas for activities. The Museum's loans boxes are available for a small charge and contain objects, information and activities that stimulate curiosity and provide a hands-on approach to learning. Loans boxes may be borrowed for up to four weeks at a time. To book a box or learn more about our educational resources, please contact the Museum on 0115 9071141.



Dress up in a toga and be Julius Caesar. Learn about life in Roman Britain, their towns and homes, the food they ate and the games they played. Explore the impact of the Roman invasion had on the native British population.

Roman Box 

World War II Box   

World War II

Have a go at dressing up as an ARP Warden, try on a gas mask and experience the sounds of an air raid. Listen to some wartime memories and consider what it would have been like to live through the Second World War.


School Days

Learn about what Victorians were taught and how they were punished. Try completing your lessons with a Victorian slate or pen and ink. Victorian Toys and Games Have a go with a Diablo, or compare and contrast the toys we have today with those from our Victorian past.

Victorian School 

WW1 group shot   

First World War

Learn what it was like to live through the Great War both for the soldiers in the trenches and those back home. Try on a replica soldier's uniform and gas mask and be part of Lord Kitchener's Volunteer army. Have a go at the many activities that will engage your pupils in what life was like on the Western and Home Front.



The archaeology loans box is packed full of replica prehistoric tools and the everyday items that our ancient ancestors would have used. It gives a feel of what life was like in prehistoric Britain from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic period.