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Wartime Evacuees

Learn about what it was like to live through the Second World War with our evacuee session. Become an evacuee and experience what it was like in an air raid during the blitz. There's also the chance to handle real objects and artefacts in our handling session.

War Time Evacuee

Town Trail

Town Trail

Take a walk round Ilkeston with one of our museum guides to learn about the history of the buildings, and compare what the high street looks like now with what it looked like in years gone by.

Tudor Times

Try becoming a Tudor explorer and go on a voyage of discovery as you learn about life in Tudor times. You can also learn all about Tudor heraldry as you make your very own coat of arms.


Victorian Washday

Victorian Wash Day

Try your hand at doing the washing the Victorian way! Children will learn about how wash day would have been done in the Victorian times and make comparisons between then and now. They will have the opportunity to use original washing equipment including the dolly tub and mangle.

Victorian Schoolroom

Take part in a lesson in our very own Victorian schoolroom. Learn about what children were taught in the Victorian times and how they were punished. You can also see our selection of Victorian toys and games and have a go at them yourself.

Victorian Schoolroom

Erewash Museum Trail

House and Home Trail

Take a tour of the museum which was originally a private residence built in the Georgian period and learn about the different rooms and what they would be used for. See how the architectural fashions through time have changed the appearance of this prominent local building.

First World War

Learn about what life was like for a British soldier in the trenches of the Western Front and why it is important to remember those who fought and died in the Great War. A fact finding trail around the museum and craft activities help engage pupils in the history of the war and the impact it had on the people that lived through it.

Word War 1